I first became attracted to the dances some 17 years ago when I saw them as a means for bringing people together in peace and unity. This was very much in line with the Baha’i teachings, which I hold a great love for. I have also since discovered them to be a medicine and a joyful spiritual practise

I love to share the Dances of Universal Peace as both a leader and dancer and have been involved in both capacities since the year 2000 when I began formally training with Shafia Stevens.

I am blessed with 3 children and 7 grandchildren who bring much joy into my life. I was born in Auckland where I grew up with two brothers and a sister, as an adult with young children of my own. I lived for several years in the Cook Islands where I adopted a third child. Being part of a large family with a great mix of genetic heritage including Maori, Polish, Jewish, South American Indian, South African, Spanish, English, Scottish, French, Slavic and Dutch, I see the importance of a future for my grandchildren and this new generation that finds a way to embrace this mixed and diverse cultural, genetic and spiritual heritage as this continues to evolve on our planet.

I have a passion for community building and love that The Dances of Universal Peace honour the spiritual heritage of all peoples, celebrating cultural diversity and a connection with the Divine essence, the Wairua that flows through us all, a place of, peace, power and unity.

In the year 2000, with support from fellow dance leaders, I started a circle in Palmerston North, which continued for 6 years till I moved to Auckland where I began a new circle in Birkenhead and Northcote point with Brigitte Puls, which continues today.

I am now living in New Plymouth and in the process of beginning a new circle once again.

I have lead these dances nationally and internationally in numerous settings as part of a workshop, retreat, camp, public event, as well as in schools and a rehabilitation facility. I had the privilege of co-creating the Estonian dance camp in 2014. It was a joy to assist in reactivating this dance camp, which now continues annually.

I have always worked in the health field as therapist and teacher and work as a Theta Healing practitioner.

I am deeply inspired by the work of NVC (Non-Violent Communication) and the Virtues project, and currently teach a spiritual education class for children based around the virtues, which the children have named “kindness kiwis”.