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Tuning the Heart feel and heal our true being... the 2022 DUPANZ annual retreat welcomes Dakini.

Through the use of Dances of Universal Peace, Visualisation, Stories, Meditation, Connecting with nature around and inside us, we fine-tune the instrument of our Heart, to play the pure notes of our Soul in the cosmic orchestra of harmony.

20th-25th January Coromandel

Mana Retreat Centre

Whitedove Flyer (PDF)

Nectar of Bliss

- a Devotional Heart Opening winter Dance of Universal Peace weekend.

Bliss and joy are our birthright. They naturally arise when we praise the Beloved in awe, wonder and gratitude as we sing and dance the many Names for the Divine. This weekend is about experiencing and living our divine reality, great mysterious Life Force that lives all of creation, as we join together in the co-creation of heart family to experience the joy of togetherness, connectedness and a deep sense of community and intimacy.

8th-8th July Taupo

Tauhara Centre

Prem Flyer (PDF)