Below is a listing of forthcoming "one-off" Dance or closely allied Dance-related events.

Also, check out the list of Regular Circles for regular on-going dance circles sorted by region, and the Calendar to see what's happening now. You might also be interested in the list of other on-going Dance-related events for other gatherings with a spiritual focus.

If you are organising an event which is not listed or the details have changed, PLEASE contact us to update your listing.

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Summer Solstice Celebration
Dances of Universal Peace with Azima Sally. Come join in our community circle of sacred dancing on the eve of our Aotearoa summer solstice...celebrate the the height of the light in our season of abundance.

21st December, 7:30-9:30pm Auckland Auckland Unitarian Church
1A Ponsonby Road
Azima Sally

Dance Camp 2020

Experience the oneness of spirit through the gifts of different cultures and spiritual mantras brought to life in song and dance by Dance Leaders from Aotearoa and overseas.
A place to experience DUP, early morning Sufi Practices, kirtan, storytelling, singing, concert and yoga. Creative and fun programs are provided for children and young adults

10th-16th January Taupo Tauhara Centre For Registrations and full information please visit
Dance Camp Aotearoa
Flyer (PDF)

Dancing with Mary Magdalene
This workshop will be an experience of the Mary Magdalene cycle of dances originated by Linda Amina Mc Makin in the tradition of the Dances of Universal Peace, facilitated by Zebunissa Anna Sophia.

19th-20th January Auckland Azima Sally Flyer (PDF)

The Healing Dance of Music and Nature
Music as Harmony, Nature as Beauty, Gathering in Love
Join us for a week of devotional practices and community celebration through dances of universal peace, drumming, kirtan, meditation, music...nurtured by the exquisite Mana Retreat Centre and the beauty of the land.
"perhaps it is the case that we not only love and cherish music, but at the level of vibration and frequency we are music...the cells of the body are continuously dancing, pulses surge in harmony and polyrhythm, bird songs, breezes and ocean waves, along with the stillness of evening express a divine symphony..." Gayan

24th-30th January Coromandel Mana Retreat Centre Whitedove Flyer (JPG)
About Gayan Gregory Long (JPG)

Play like Raven

Renunciation into the joy & freedom of the present moment so we can, in the words of Pema Chodron, 'play like a raven on the wind'. A residential retreat with Anahata Iradah

20th-22nd March South Australia Nunyara Conference Centre, Adelaide Amrita,
+61 409 209 054
Flyer (PDF)

Spirit And Nature

A celebration of late summer with Prem, Wendy and Amrita Bhakti. In this stunning natural setting near Fielding, we are nurtured and inspired by Earth and Sky in the great cathedral of nature. This is a time togetherness, laughter, joy, community, celebration and moving to the song of our spirit..

27th-29th March Fielding Camp Rangi Woods
Totara Reserve Regional Park
Pohangina Valley
Prem Flyer (PDF)

Be a Light in the World
- Murshid Allaudin Ottinger, Asha Greer and friends. Dances of Universal Peace, Zikr, Sufi Teachings, Music, Meditation. Come join fellow travellers as we tune our hearts together in the beautiful sacred temple that is the Sharda Centre.

8th-10th May Tuakau Sharda Centre Hadia Flyer (PDF)

Being Present
Dances of Universal Peace & Mindfulness Meditation Retreat.
In a beautiful, naturally lush and peaceful setting, you will be gently guided in this Retreat interweaving Dances of Universal Peace with Mindfulness Meditation (sometimes referred to as Sufi Sesshin).

19th-21st June Far North Tushita Heart Hermitage Prem Flyer (PDF)

Nectar of Bliss
- a Devotional Heart Opening winter Dance of Universal Peace weekend, with Prem and Amrita Bhakti.

Bliss and joy are our birthright. They naturally arise when we praise the Beloved in awe, wonder and gratitude as we sing and dance the many Names of the Divine. This weekend is about Remembering and experiencing our Divine Reality as we co-create Heart Community together.

24th-26th July Taupo Tauhara Centre Prem Flyer (PDF)

Radiance of Being
Dances of Universal Peace and Meditation Retreat with Amrita Bhakti and Prem at Tushita Heart Hermitage, Northland.
Sometimes referred to as Sufi Sesshin, the synergistic effect of these two modalities combining together is far greater than either the Dances or Meditation being experienced on its own. Sufi sesshin deepens the whole experience for participants and can lead to a profound sense of inner harmony, beauty and unity.

6th-8th November Far North Tushita Heart Hermitage Prem